• Place articulated mats on several pipe lines.
  • Installed a large fender system.
  • Repaired several fender systems.
  • Installed pile encasements on bridges in numerous locations.
  • Performed both diver and electronic depth of cover surveys for several pipe line systems.
  • Repaired river diffuser lines at a paper mill.
  • Refurbished the ash lines at a fossil fuel plant.
  • Performed numerous tasks in potable water and waste water plants for both industrial and municipal customers.
  • Installed sacrificial anodes at a hydro plant.
  • Scraped a barge sunk for sixty years and buried under fifteen feet of mud to clear an area for a pier.
  • Performed numerous inspections at hydro plants.


Diver excavating around an old steel pile stub and cutting it off to allow dredging next to a pier to accommodate larger ships.

Pipeline Repair

Located, excavated & installed a repair sleeve on a fault found by a smart pig.