Construction Services

For forty years, Pro Diving Service has been providing diving services in support of various types of construction projects. These projects have ranged in size from one dive team to projects requiring 14 divers. Water depths from a few feet to 220 feet. While most of these jobs have lasted from one day to a few weeks, one lasted three years and another one ten years. We have provided only diving services to some jobs, while others have been turnkey jobs.

Our Support Services Have Included:
Some Of Our Turn Key Projects:
  • Bridge construction and maintenance
  • Pipeline installation
  • Power plant construction and rehabilitation
  • Industrial plant construction
  • Water and sewer plant construction
  • Fender system installations and repairs
  • Metal pile repairs to include splicing piles, encasement of piling and complete dock or facility repairs
  • Pipeline installations to include dug crossings and drilled and shot crossings
  • Outfall and diffuser installations
  • Trash rack replacement to include fabrication
Diver entering a drilled shaft to remove a lost drill can 86 feet down the shaft, on a bridge project.
Installing a fender system.
Two divers preparing to enter the water on a cold day. This is a coffer dam job, where we assembled the largest single wall coffer dam ever built.