Power Generation Support Services

Pro Diving Service, Inc. has over forty five years of experience working in all types of generating plants.

Hydro Generation

FERC & Life Study Inspections. These include tactile and video inspections of all components of the power house and dam. These are followed by comprehensive reports and drawings.

Company scheduled inspections of trash racks, draft tubes, stilling basins etc.

In many cases, we can perform tasks normally done in the dry by plant personnel in less time for less money and with less risk to the workers. This work is done without de-watering the work area.

Pro Dive

Some tasks performed in hydro plants:

  • Rehabilitate trash rack guides.
  • Investigate and video cracks in the concrete.
  • Remove and replace head gates.
  • Repair priming valves.
  • Blank off cooling water and service water intakes for repair.
  • Provided diving services for a period of ten years at a dam & power house redevelopment.
  • Inject cracks with both water activated foam and epoxy grout.
  • Repair stop log guides.
  • Video draft tubes, scroll case, water wheel and wicket gates.
  • Clean trash racks.

Fossil Fuel Plants:

 Clean and maintain intake structures to include:

  • Inspecting and cleaning trash racks.
  • Mud and silt removal from intakes and pump rooms.
  • Shell fish removal.
  • Strainer and pump impeller repairs.
Maintain boiler water systems to include:

  • Tank cleaning
  • Coating repairs.
  • Piping repairs.
Pro Diving Services
Diver working in the bowels of a steam plant.
Pro Diving Services
Diver getting ready to begin pumping shellfish from a water intake structure at a coal fired plant.