Municipal Water Treatment Services


 Drinking waterWe can provide diving services in most parts of a water treatment plant and do so within established guide lines concerning treated water. Some of these services are:

  • Clean and repair of treated water tanks both elevated and ground mounted. This may involve cleaning, coating repairs or repairs of piping.
  • Clarifier work. This may involve mechanical repairs or sludge removal.
  • Work in settling ponds. This may include the installation or repair of curtains, mechanical repairs or sludge removal.
Pro Diving Services
Diver entering a clear well in Chattanooga (treated water tank). We injected several cracks in the tank, completely stopping a severe leak. The repair saved the owner enough money in one week to pay for the repairs.

Waste water:

Pro Diving Service has the capability and experience to safely provide diving services in waste water. This includes the following.

  • Completely dry diving systems to include double exhaust helmets mated to dry dress with redundant gloves sealed to the dress.
  • Rigid post dive clean up procedures.

Some past work in water & waste water treatment:

  • Sludge, sand and gravel removal from clarifiers and tanks.
  • Coating repairs.
  • Placing and removal of pipe plugs
  • Repairs and cleaning of raw water pumping structures.
  • Water storage tank leak repairs.
  • Sludge removal to allow the removal and repair of piping.
  • Re-anchor aerators and diversion curtains.
  • Rehabilitation of clarifiers.
  • Installation of trash booms at water intake structures.
  • Hydrographic surveys of settling ponds for inventory.

    Anchor Replacement

    Replacing anchors on aerators in a waste pond.