Industrial Plant Services

Pro Diving Service has provided diving services in support in Industrial plants for more than 45 years. Some of these industries are listed below:

  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Steel Mills.
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Refineries.
  • Sugar refineries.

Most of this work has involved work in process water and work in waste water. Examples are:

  • All types of maintenance of water intake structures and pump rooms to include pumping mud, trash rack work, traveling screen repairs and concrete repairs.
  • Trash and mud removal from pump rooms.
  • Pipe penetration for both inspection and repair.
  • Diffuser installation and maintenance.
  • Clarifier ( Both treated water & waste water. ) repairs.
  • Waste water Ponds.
  • Re-anchor aerators and diversion curtains.
  • Install diversion curtains.
  • Maintain all types of submerged aerators.
  • Hydro-graphic surveys of docking areas.
  • Hydro-graphic surveys for sludge inventory.
  • Sludge removal.

Over the years, we have developed procedures for working safely in contaminated and/or hazardous liquids. We also have cooled diving systems which allow us to work in very hot liquids safely.

Diver Foam Mats

Installing grout mats in a paper mill waste water pond.