Gas & Product Pipe Line Services

Pro Diving Services
Bagging Exposed pipe
Diver preparing to do “depth of cover survey” on a submerged pipe line at a river crossing.
Placing bags on exposed pipe in a lake.

We have provided diving services in all phases of pipe line construction, repair and maintenance. We provide DOT mandated inspection services as they pertain to pipe lines. As to these inspections, we provide the following.

Detailed survey of the pipe route from a point specified by the customer on one side of the crossing to a point specified on the other side.

A diver walks the pipe route using an electronic locator to stay over the pipe. If any exposed or suspended pipe is encountered, a detailed inspection and survey is carried out. This will note the condition of the pipe, the coating, amount exposed and/or suspended and any debris build up.

When requested, an electronic depth of cover survey will be conducted.

A drawing is prepared using AutoCAD . This drawing along with a detailed written report and suggested repairs are submitted to the company.

PDS has a DOT approved drug program in place.

We provide sub meter GPS services and can install benchmarks or provide GIS data if requested.

We also do bagging of exposed pipe, place concrete articulated mats and repair coatings. We are OQSG qualified for these services.

Ala Survey

Crew using GPS survey tools to plot items on pipe line ROW.

Pearl DOC

Taking depth of cover reading at water’s edge.